Welcome to Breakwondo Martial Arts!20170708_105904

Not your standard martial arts school…

Our story is very simple – we love breaking… We love breaking boards, cement, ice…The best part of breaking things is breaking away from the daily stress of our lives –  work life,  school life, it does not matter…

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Breakwondo Martial Arts started over 7 years ago when several Taekwondo activists were not satisfied with the breaking opportunities they were given at their taekwondo  schools. They wanted to challenge themselves…And they did! For many years Breakwondo members have been competing at world championships and wowing the crowds at local festivals.

Now is the time for team Breakwondo to share their Taekwondo experience and breaking techniques with others.

Why Breakwondo?

It is simple. In addition to all the Taekwondo benefits,  we help you to:

∗ break the boundaries of emotional and physical limitations

∗ break the “I can’t” thoughts

∗ break the complacency in any aspect of your life

So, put away that pizza,

turn off that TV set,

grab yourself and your loved ones

and come join us at Breakwondo for some fun Taekwondo training!